CON1050 LA-CO Soft Solder Flux

LA-CO Regular Flux is the ultimate flux for all copper soldering applications. The all-weather water-soluble paste won’t leave residue in water piping and contains no zinc chloride to reduce corrosion concerns. Also available in 56g, and 453g sizes.


  • Non-acid, non-toxic, and lead-free to eliminate safety concerns
  • For use on all lead-free and common soft solders, copper, brass, galvanised iron, lead, zinc, tin, silver, mild steel, terne plate, and malleable iron
  • Cleans pipe upon application, allowing solder to run more smoothly around the pipe
  • All-weather formula for use in hot and cold climates
  • Meets industry standard ASTM B813
  • NSF and UPC approvals
  • Made in USA

Application: Soft soldering applications.

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