Pool Heating

Everything For Gas is a family run business with more than twenty-five years experience in the pool heating industry.

Our vast knowledge in the commercial and domestic design and installation of pool heating equipment is now made available to you.

Choosing the right equipment to heat your pool or spa can be confusing.

Unfortunately a lot of pool heating suppliers and installers do not have vast product knowledge and too often install the wrong equipment - for example the heater supplied is undersized to do the job.

Everything For Gas can give you all the information you require to:

  • Choose a quality brand of pool heating system that suits your budget
  • Select the best size heating equipment for YOUR needs
  • Save money

Brands of heating equipment:

Firstly consider the brand of the heater, is it a major well known brand or a cheap imported copy.

Is the heater (and associated equipment and accessories) AGA approved?

Does the heater come with a warranty?

Does the manufacturer have a service agent in your area?

Are spare parts available for the equipment?

Can you contact the seller to sort out installation problems?

Gas Pool and Spa Heating

The two major types of gas used for pool heating are:

Natural Gas - Supplied in gas mains and cheaper than LPG.

LPG - Propane - Supplied in cylinders either exchange cylinder or insitu filled by tanker.

Gas heaters are used in large numbers on pool and spas and give great flexibility because of their rapid heating ability and robustness.

Gas heaters can easily maintain any desired water temperature as typical sizing is based on providing heater capacity of achieving a 14 deg. C rise in water temperature in 24 hours.

Gas heaters are ideal for heating spas as most people require a quick heat in a short time.


  • Gas pool heaters are generally cheaper to buy in comparison to other heating systems
  • Gas pool heaters have very quick heat up time
  • Gas pool heaters usually require less space for installation

Everything For Gas can assist in your choice of product and size the heater to suit your needs.

We can deliver the heater to your door anywhere in Australia.

We can advise and assist your installer with the correct installation methods.

Please Note: AGA5601 Gas Regulations require all gas fitting to be carried out by a licensed installer. It is a condition of sale by Everything For Gas that all gas components be installed by a licensed gas fitter.