TOO1035 Combustible Gas Detector NG&LPG Flexible Goose Neck

The GD3300 is a quality gas detector great for field Tech’s, it can detect Natural and LPG, fast easy operation, Adjustable sensitivity with Plumbers and Gas fitters.

  • Fast response & High Methane sensitivity
  • Precise detection of methane & propane gases
  • Quick to pinpoint gas leaks
  • Automatically calibrates at power On
  • Over 440mm or 16” long & flexible stainless gooseneck probe, easy access even hard to reach areas
  • Built-in earphone jack
  • Adjustible Sensitivity
  • Start up calibration Ready LED
  • Probe Clip
  • Less than 60sec warm up time
  • Quick response time, <2sec
  • Battery operated
  • Acoustic intermittent beep (beeper will vary depending on gas concentration)
  • Alarm LED
  • Low battery warning
  • High sensitivity
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Range 50ppm (Methane)
Sensitivity Adjustible (Methane, Propane)
Sensor Solid State
Response Time < 2 seconds Up to 40% LEL
Warm up time < 60 seconds
Operation Temperature Range 32 ~ 120°F
Power supply 3pcs C Cell  1.5Volts batteries Alkaline
Battery life 8 hours (Continuous working)
Gases Detected Natural gas, propane, butane, methane, acetone, alcohol, ammonia, steam, carbon monoxide, gasoline, jet fuel, hydrogen sulfide, smoke, industrial solvents, lacquer thinner, naphtha
Probe length 16”
Indicator Intermittent beep (Acoustic) / LED (Visual)