GR1031 Bromic CO2 Food Grade Gas Cylinder

The Bromic food grade C0₂ sparkling water disposable gas cylinders are suited to work with most brands of soda water dispensers and sparkling water systems, ideal for use in hospitality and beer, cider and post-mix systems.

  • Filled with food quality grade C0₂  (ideal for sparkling water)
  • Disposable cylinders are generally cheaper than refilling reusable cylinders
  • Non-refillable cylinders often save time and do not require periodic re-certification
  • The 2.2 litre disposable gas cylinders have a much larger capacity and are filled to a much higher pressure than conventional disposable cylinders currently available
Download Safety Data Sheet Here
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Gas Type C0₂ Food Grade
Cylinder Capacity (grams) 2200
CGA 600 Connection No
Suggested Application For use in beer dispensing, carbonated water, aquariums and laboratories
Thread Connection M10x1
Working Pressure at 100bar Yes
Download Safety Data Sheet Here