RWH1090 BBQ Conv Kit NG SS 250Mj 3/8 SAE & Floor Socket

  • Floor socket
  • Stainless steel 1500mm hose, 3/8” SAE flare
  • Stainless steel 200mm hose + 250Mj natural gas governor
  • Ideal for the backyard
  • For use with Natural Gas.


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Instructions for all BBQ Conversion Kits:

  • Gas jets must be purchased separately to suit the barbecue. See rating plate affixed to the appliance for appropriate gas jets or contact the barbecue manufacturer for details.
  • All work must be carried out by an authorised person.
  • Conversion from LPG to NG
  • All joints must be leaked tested prior to use.
  • Gas governor has a maximum flow rating of 250 MJ/hr or 80 MJ/hr (depending on kit being used).
  • The flexible hose assemblies within the kit are not designed for a permanent outdoor installation and must be installed under protective cover to limit the effects of the weather.
  • All hose assemblies have a limited life. Regularly check for signs of deterioration. Should any signs of deterioration exist the assembly must be replaced immediately.
  • ALL appliances must be installed in accordance with the installation requirements of the local supply authority, or the appropriate installation code issued by the Australian Gas Association or the Australian Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association.
  • If after following the instructions provided, satisfactory performance cannot be obtained, contact the local gas authority for advice and assistance.
Application Backyard
For use with NG
Pack Quantity 1
Retail Packaging No
Floor Socket Yes
1500mm Hose (3/8" SAE Flare x Bayonet) No
S/Steel 1500mm Hose (3/8" SAE Flare x Bayonet) Yes
200mm Hose + 80MJ Nat. Gas Governor No
200mm Hose + 250MJ Nat. Gas Governor No
S/Steel 200mm Hose + 250MJ Nat. Gas Governor Yes
S/Steel 200mm Hose + 80MJ Nat. Gas Governor + Shut-off Valve No