TOO1015 Digital Manometer Kit 0-5PSI – 35 KPA

The Professional CE certified high quality DT8890 Differential Pressure Manometer measures Gauge/Differential Pressure. Some features include the following

  • 11 selectable pressure units
  • Measure gauge and differential pressure for 0 to 5 psi 
  • Dual LCD readouts with backlighting
  • Min/Max/Avg recording with time stamp
  • Data hold freezes the displayed reading
  • Push button zero adjust and offset readings
  • Low battery indication with auto power off
  • ABS carry case
  • Includes USB Software and cable, Can record meter data to your computer, data can then be loaded into spread sheet applications such as Excel 
  • Quickly verify filter condition, monitor cleanrooms, trouble-shoot HVAC systems, or per-form field calibrations with this digital manomter.
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Additional features including Data Hold, Auto Power Off disabled and an USB for capturing reading to a PC using software.

Meter has 11 selectable units of measure: bar, ozin2, psi, kPa, inHg, mbar, mmHg, kgcm2, inH20, ftH20, cmH20

Ideal Applications HVAC industry, Pneumatic Controls, Plumbing, Gas Fitting, Medical equipment, Gas appliance repair and installation, Computer Peripherals (optional software, for extra data logging)

Careful use of this meter will provide years of reliable service.

Range PSI ± 5
Resolution PSI ± 0.001
Accuracy ±0.3% of full scale at 25°
Linearity / Hysteresis ±0.29% ~ 1% of full scale
Combined Accuracy ±1.0% of full scale
Response Time 0.5 second
Lug 4mm
Compensated temp range:10 ~ 30 °C
Operating Temp 0  ~  50 °C
OPerating RH Humidity <80%
Storage Temp -20 ~ 50 °C
Battery 9 Volt
Units Resolution
PSI 0.001
kPa 0.01
mmHg 0.1
Kg/cm2 0.001
mbar 0.1
bar 0.001
inH2O 0.1
cmH2O 0.1
inHg 0.001
ftH2O 0.01
oz/inch2 0.01